Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Square for Earth Day

Greetings on EARTH DAY.  Earth's inhabitants today pay a price not only for our own careless habits but also for earlier ignorance about the fragility of our world. (As Garrett Hardin has said, "There is no away to throw to.")  The April 20 edition of  the Washington Post had an AP article about the risks of trash to wildlife in the Atlantic that provoked me to write the following square poem.

Now the Great Pacific
Garbage Patch has been matched
by an Atlantic blight:
plastic confetti forms
a threat to all sea life.

A square poem is one in which the number of syllables per line and the number of lines is the same. The square-form appeals to me--for it offers an incentive to condense rambling thoughts (sometimes angry ones) into a pithy statement.

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