Sunday, January 8, 2012

Poetry heard at JMM

In Boston on Friday evening, January 6, at the 2012 Joint Mathematics Meetings, these folks gathered and read -- for a delighted audience in Room 312 of Hynes Convention Center -- some poems of mathematics.
     Poets who submitted work in advance and were on the "Poetry with Mathematics" program included:
          Jacqueline Lapidus, Judith Johnson, Rosanna Iembo (accompanied by the violin of her daughter Irene Iaccarino), Charlotte Henderson, Carol Dorf (read by Elizabeth Langosy), Sandra Coleman, Marion Cohen, Tatiana Bonch (read by John Hiigli), Harry Baker (via video presented by reading organizer Gizem Karaali -- an editor of the online Journal of Humanistic Mathematics, which sponsored the the reading), and JoAnne Growney (also an organizer of the reading).
     Participants during an "open reading" included: 
          Mary Buchinger, Chris Caragianis, Rip Coleman, Seth Goldberg, Joshua Holden, Ann Perbohner, Pedro Poitevin, and Jason Samuels.

     I look forward to ongoing connections with these fine poets and to the possibility of obtaining permissions to offer their work here in my blog. Several have contributed to previous postings: Sandra ColemanMarion Cohen, and Jacqueline Lapidus.
     In closing, an abecedarian poem (different than the one I offered at the January 6  reading) that celebrates mathematics:

     ABC     by JoAnne Growney 

   Axes beget coordinates,
   dutifully expressing
   functions, graphs,
   helpful in justifications,

   keeping legendary mathematics
   new or peculiarly quite rational

   so that understanding's visual
   with x, y, z.

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