Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Verses that count

At one finds a variety of information -- from the dates of the rapidly approaching 2012 Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC to divisibility rules for integers to a type of poetry called mathemetricsMathemetrical poetry has one topic: the length of the poem itself. Enjoy:

An example:

   This poem
   contains 14 words
   (if we count numerals
   as words) and 62 symbols.

More examples (from

    Peso Poem

     If a had
     a peso for
     every letter
     in this poem
     I would have
     53 pesos.
    A Poem that Is Exactly Equal in Length to Its Own Title
    This poem
    has the same number of letters
    as its title.

Additional mathemetrical verses are found at And you can have some fun creating your own.

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