Friday, April 5, 2013

Miroslav Holub -- interview, poems

Frequent readers of this blog probably know that Miroslav Holub is one of my favorite poets.  And it was a great delight to get a recent e-mail message with a link to a previously unpublished 1994 interview with this scientist and poet -- appearing in the April 2 posting in the Virginia Quarterly Review blog.  The interview, conducted and written by Irene Blair Honeycutt, has these opening sentences:     "Miroslav Holub (1923–1998) is one of the most internationally well-known Czech poets. He led a career as a scientist, and his poetry is known for its sharpness and wit, as well as descriptions of aging and suffering." 

Holub's poems in previous blog postings include:

  30 March 2010   "The Corporal Who Killed Archimedes"
28 April 2010    "The Fraction Line"  (scroll down)
19 August 2010    "Brief Reflection on Accuracy
9 December 2010   "Parallels Syndrome"
20 December 2010   "Very Brief Thoughts on the Letter M"
5 April 2011   "Brief Reflection on Colors"

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