Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Love mathematics!

In the stanzas below, I have some fun with math terminology.  Hope you'll enjoy it too.

       Love!        by JoAnne Growney

       Love algebra!  Through variable numbers
       of factored afternoons and prime evenings,
       party in and out of your circle of associates,
       identify your identity,  meet your inverse.  

       Exceed arithmetic!  Embrace calculus!
       Sway with the curve of the integral sign
       and lean forward to the tangent line.  Grasp
       the first moment and center your mass.

       Welcome, as the sculptors do, the Mobius band
       whose one-sidedness does not offend.
       Cherish, within reason, paradoxical points
       of view:  mathematics is -- by turns -- constructed,

       partitioned, dreamed.  Love it with a love
       that does not tend to 0.  Refuse to scorn
       the rationals for their repeating patterns of values.  

       Escape the reals to imaginaries and n-tuples. 

       Love the group of symmetries of a regular
       polygon and their non-commutativity.  Keep time
       with addition modulo 12.  Celebrate pi.
       Look ahead to chaos.

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