Monday, December 30, 2013

Error Message Haiku

Found at, a variety of (often-amusing) mathematical verses -- including a collection of Error Message Haiku.  Approaching a New Year, I have been reflecting on my device-dependencies and considering resolutions about them -- and musing over some of these wistful substitutions for machine messages I dread:

       A crash reduces
       Your expensive computer
       To a simple stone.

       Chaos reigns within.
       Reflect, repent, and reboot.
       Order shall return.  

       First snow, then silence.
       This thousand-dollar screen dies
       So beautifully.

       Having been erased,
       The document you're seeking
       Must now be retyped.

       Out of memory.
       We wish to hold the whole sky,
       But we never will.

       The Website you seek
       Cannot be located, but
       Countless more exist.

       Three things are certain:
       Death, taxes and lost data.
       Guess which has occurred.

       With searching comes loss
       And the presence of absence:
       Your file, not found.

More of these Haiku (all attributed to "Laura 'RuneMercury' H.")  are found here.