Friday, January 10, 2014

The discipline of mathematics

This poem remembers one of my students.

       The Prince of Algebra      by JoAnne Growney

       Madam Professor,
       let me introduce myself.
       I'm Albert James,
       whom you may know
       by my test score
       that's lower than my age.

       Your algebra tests
       are too long for me
       in fifty minutes,
       but I am proud
       of my attendance.
       I never miss class,
       never come late.

       I'm preparing
       for a new career.
       For thirty years
       I was with
       the Postal Service,
       never absent,
       never late.

       Your mathematics
       is important!
       It runs the clock
       which runs the mail.
       Now I train to be
       a first grade teacher.

       I will teach
       by punctuality
       and perfect attendance.

As well as in various blog-postings, several more of my math poems are online here. 

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