Friday, June 27, 2014

Of all geometries, feathery is best . . .

The title for this post comes from Twinzilla (The Word Works, 2014), by Charleston poet Barbara Hagerty.  The title character of this collection is one of several poetic personalities that inhabit Hagerty's verse, and she offers a playful view of life's dualities -- sometimes versed in mathematical terminology.  Here's a sample.  

     Twinzilla Cautions *     by Barbara G. S. Hagerty

     Do not accept packages from unknown persons.
     Beware non-native strangers who may be concealing
     hazardous contraband "down there."
     Question algebra.  Dismantle thoughts traveling
     the brain's baggage carousel in parabolas.
     Do not conflate equations or make them up.
     Ask yourself if you are in it for the long haul.
     Distrust creation myths, theories of falling,
     masks, opportunists, undercooked meat.
     Consider whether St. Francis's path crossed Rumi's.
     Compute the sum of your Apgar, SAT, IQ scores,
     and divide by your age to determine your lucky number.
     Some say there are no lucky numbers
     but to check or carry-on, that is the question.
     Others say there's one big final and it's Pass/Fail.
     Report any suspicious activity to the nearest agent.

*This is one of more than a dozen Twinzilla poems found in Hagerty's collection

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