Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Love Physics

It turns out that one of the disadvantages of a long-term blog with lots of worthy material is that sometimes I lose track of fine work that I want to post.  And sometimes I find it again.  This morning I came across this poem by California conservationist Richard Retecki.

     Love Physics     by Richard Retecki

     equal forces
     oppositely directed
     canceled to zero

     then we tricked you
     exchanging pressure for light 
     and placing a prism
     within proper distance
     the room
     filled with brilliance
     as you slowly
     on a wooden stool

     then applying sudden
     intense pressure
     you exploded into
     of colorful pieces
     causing someone to remark
              that you would make
     a very interesting puzzle.

This poem is found in Retecki's collection Clouds Through Water (Small Poetry Press, 1995) .  Here is a link to more of  his work.

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