Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Geometry of Winter, with Eagles

A poetry-listening opportunity in the Washington, DC area:
Poet Martin Dickinson will read from his new collection, My Concept of Time
on Sunday, January 11 at Arlington's Iota Cafe

AND -- if you 're San Antonio on January 11, 2015 you'll want to attend  
the 5:30 PM poetry-with-math reading (details here
at the Gonzales Convention Center, sponsored by JHM.
From My Concept of Time, here's a poem of the geometry of our winter world.

          Fourteen Eagles, Winter     by Martin Dickinson
                                  for Phyllis

          We spot them, first almost imaginary
          thin pencil lines or scratches on our glasses.

          The earth's disk flattens out

          where this pale land becomes the bay, 

          brown stubble
          of last season's grasses mingled with snow:

          Wings straight out,

          Closer and closer the dark shapes glide

          until we see the white heads,

          the zigzag flight patterns against February blue.

          Cumulus clouds drift along,

          like thoughts across our consciousness.

          Far out over the bay

          the sun's rays light up patches miles from shore.

          You and I stand looking upward

          in the center of this wide circle.  This is the world.

For still more poetic geometry, you can enjoy Dickinson's "Homage to Euclid" posted here on 23 March, 2014. Thanks, Marty, for these poems.   

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