Sunday, March 22, 2015

March 21 -- World Poetry Day

Yesterday poetry was celebrated around the world -- the Guardian reported the event with mention of Cafés around the world that offered a cup of coffee in exchange for a poem.  The occasion caused me to turn to one of my favorite international collections, The Horse Has Six Legs (Graywolf, 2010) -- an anthology of Serbian poetry translated and edited by poet Charles Simic.  On 29 April 2011 I posted "Forgetful Number" by Yugoslav poet Vasko Popa (1922-1991) -- and here is another of Popa's poems.  This one is part of a cycle of poems about "the little box" and it involves recursion.

       Last News about the Little Box     by Vasko Popa

       The little box that contains the world
       Fell in love with herself
       And conceived
       Still another little box.   

       The little box of the little box
       Also fell in love with herself
       And conceived
       Still another little box

       and so it went on forever

       The world from the little box
       Ought to be inside
       The last offspring of the little box

       But not one of the little boxes
       Inside the little box in love with herself
       Is the last one

       Let's see you find the world now

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