Sunday, December 6, 2015

This blog (then and now) and Pascal

     When I began this blog in 2010, I imagined up to 100 postings -- I saw it as a way to share math-related poetry that I had written and gathered during my years of teaching.  Now, as I prepare my 748th post, I am thinking about how I can organize my posts to make them findable and useful to the reader who visits and browses herein.

One thing that I have recently done is to update the blog's searchability -- 
in the right column you will find a search box.  

If you enter a term like "math" into the box, the search finds most of the posts in the entire blog and is thus not very helpful -- but you might try the term "triangle" and you would find about 20 relevant posts; one of them (from October 13, 2010) has the title "Varieties of triangles -- by Guillevic" and is the most-visited entry herein.  If you are, like me, someone who looks for math publicity and opportunities for girls, you may choose to enter "girl" in the search box.  This search, too, will lead to about 20 postings. 
     But perhaps you aren't sure what to search for.  To the right, just below the SEARCH box is a link -- "This link" -- that leads of a file (a PDF) of suggested search terms -- including the names of poets and mathematicians cited herein.  In addition, toward the bottom of the right-hand column is a list of some of the key-word Labels supplied at the ends of blog postings.  Clicking on any one of these will lead to the relevant posts.

On my mind as I strive to organize this blog to make it reader-friendly
are these poetic words by Blaise Pascal (1623-1662):

The last thing that we find 
in  making  a  book 
is to know what 
we must put 

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