Thursday, February 4, 2016

Visiting the Australian Poetry Library

     An Australian poet (Erica Jolly) whom I have met through this blog has helped me to learn about the great variety of poetry and related activities that are available on her continent  -- and today I want to link you to the Australian Poetry Library and to offer a mathy poem by Peter Goldsworthy that I enjoyed there.

     1     by Peter Goldsworthy 

       Arithmetic divides 
       and rules the world,
       freezing the flow
       in single frames,
       colourising each
       by numbers.
       The news of maths
       is slow-tick cinema,
       each increment's
       a gritty bit,
       catching at the throat
       of the hourglass.
       The light it sheds
       is stroboscopic,
       splitting less
       from little,
       so we can pause
       the world
       and step right off
       to watch an catch
       its drift as if
       the clocks were slowing down
       or we were growing smarter.

The poem "1" is from Goldsworthy's collection If, thenRead more of his work hereAlso in this blog, work from Australia's Peter Boyle  and  Caroline Caddy

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