Thursday, April 6, 2017

Prime -- with rhythm and rhyme

     Earlier this year, an email from James D. Herren let me know about his recent e-book, Wit and Wonder, Poetry with Rhythm and Rhyme --  a collection developed to be enjoyed by readers from 5th grade onward.  Herren is an advocate of energetic rhyming verse, AND his collection has some mathy stuff -- including these two little poems.  Thanks, Dave! 

          Prime   by James D Herren

          Our love is prime –  
          Divisible by none
          But you and I,
          For you and I Are One.      

                             One True Paring     by James D Herren

                             Perpendicular is not parallel,
                             We hold this to be true,
                             But often these geometries
                             Apply to people, too.

                            Though complementing angles
                            May sweep you off your feet,
                            It's only in the parallels
                            That love can be complete.

This link leads to a review of Herren's collection.


  1. Sweet, but the first makes it sound like one is prime! Big battle in my classes.

  2. Thanks, John, dropping by and taking time for a comment. I read it differently and appreciate your statement of the other view . . .