Monday, July 17, 2017

A CENTO from BRIDGES 2017 Poets

     A cento is a literary work made from quotations from other works -- most often it is a poem, assembled from lines by other poets.    Below I have created a cento from lines written by the poets who have been invited to participate in the July 30 Poetry Reading at the 2017 Bridges Math-Arts Conference in Waterloo, Ontario.  A wonderful program is planned -- it's not too late to register and join us.

       All is number,      mysterious proportions             
       Like Egyptians      burying gold with the dead       
       Golden Fear                    
       that divides and leaves     no remainder   

       Two loving solar numbers wind about . . . hand in hand
       That math could be starburst discovery             
       one     surrounded by billions of its kind              
       They are the shape and cardinal of freedom.
       Maybe mathematics is your sanctuary           
       Counting each and every step                   
       the profundity of math                        
       coming towards us     changing everything

This link introduces the participating poets with brief bios and the link with each name below leads to the poem from which the line above was taken. Poet's names are listed in the order in which their lines appear.
          Sarah GlazCarol DorfKaz MaslankaJoAnne Growney
          Marco LucchesiRobin ChapmanAlice MajorEmily Grosholz,
          Dan MayMike Naylor,  Marion Cohen, Eveline Pye.