Tuesday, September 5, 2017

From Hydrology to Poetry to Infinity . . .

     Carlos Puente is a professor of hydrology at the University of California, Davis AND he is so much more . . .  at Bridges 2017 he presented a paper that offered samples of artistic designs relevant to his research studies -- geometric structures linked, for example, to ice crystals and the DNA rosette.   Puente also integrates his work with poems and song lyrics.  Both he and I participated in a poetry-reading at the Bridges conference -- he read "Le plus improbable" and he has given me permission to offer you here a portion of "Conga to infinity." 
     Puente's complete song "Conga to infinity" is found here on his website  -- it is presented in two columns; as a sample, the tops of both columns are offered below -- and you are invited to be enchanted and to visit not only these complete lyrics but also other songs in Puente's collection.

For the rest of this lyric and lots more, visit Puente's website.
Note that Puente offers both Spanish and English versions of his work.

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