Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Counting toward Christmas . . .

     Like my grandchildren, I am counting the days until Christmas -- enjoying holiday lights that break the winter darkness and looking forward to family gatherings.  Below I repeat a growing snowball poem that I first posted at the Christmas season in 2012.

o n
t o p
g i v e
l i g h t
f r e e l y
f o r e v e r
a b u n d a n t
b r i l l i a n t
e v e r y w h e r e

Holiday greetings and good wishes to ALL!

Continuing in the holiday spirit, here (repeated from 2010 posting) is a Christmas verse that celebrates pi (and helps us to remember its digits): 

     Now, I wish I could recollect pi.
     "Eureka," cried the great inventor.
     Christmas Pudding; Christmas Pie
     Is the problem's very center.

In 2015 this posting sang of the twelve days of Christmas and in 2014 (thanks to I offered a link to the poem "Christmas Trees" by Robert Frost (1874-1963); that 1916 poem includes some calculations and reflections based on the following line that a startling reminder of how inflation has affected our economic lives:

       “A thousand trees would come to thirty dollars.

for your visit to this blog-site and
for your exploration of the important relationships between
mathematics and poetry.

     If your holiday time permits, you are invited to explore this blog -- by scrolling down through more than 900 posts or by using search terms such as "Christmas" or "snow" or "algebra" or whatever your curiosity suggests.  

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