Wednesday, January 24, 2018

50 years after "The Population Bomb"

          In 1968 while I was in graduate school at the University of Oklahoma, we all were talking about Paul Erlich's new book, The Population Bomb, and its dire predictions.  My worry over population has evolved into worry about climate change -- a deep concern that selfish actions today are leaving an unhealthy world for future generations.  I want my grandchildren to have the opportunity for healthy lives!!!   On the morning of January 3,  the program 1A on  radio station WAMU did a thought-provoking feature, "More People, More Problems"  on the 50th anniversary of the publication of Erlich's book.  And, at a website entitled "Better (not bigger) Vermont"  I found several poems and songs about population, including the "Population Pressure Song" by Calvin Stewart & Joice Marie -- I offer several stanzas below:

from  Population Pressure Song   by Calvin Stewart & Joice Marie (©2008)
     . . .
        Pop pop, goes the population
        Got to stop, the population
        While we still have our woods
        In our quiet neighborhoods   

        Even if you think it's wrong
        Help me sing this not so funny, funny little song
        Sing along, sing along
        The Population Pressure Song

        Pop pop, goes the population
        Got to stop, the population
        Bring the nation down to size
        Do your part to minimize
     . . .      

Information about the authors and the complete poem -- both a print and an audio version  --- are found here at the "Better (not bigger) Vermont" website

Let's work together and SAVE OUR WORLD!!

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