Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Mathematical images via Haiku

         So many versions       
of the truth -- mathematics
        always one of them   

     The recent issue of  the Journal of Humanistic Mathematics includes not only a variety of poems linked to mathematics -- it also has a special treat:  a folder of Haiku -- 31 pages with contributions by 31 different writers.  One of these contributors is Hannah Lewis and she has given me permission to share her work.  Here are Hannah's Haiku:

     But, Why?

          x equals y, but—
          why? dig deeper and all your
          answers will unearth.     


                    formulas help to
                    create a world of magic
                    called mathematics.

     Oceanic Arithmetic

          math is water for
          some. allows us to explore
          depths not seen before.

     Hannah Lewis is a Junior studying Creative Writing and English at Southern New Hampshire University -- after her undergraduate studies are complete she plans to hopes work toward an MFA in Creative Writing -- focusing on non-fiction and poetry.  About mathematics, she has this to say:  "I love connecting mathematics with writing because the rigidity and structure of math plays off of the natural freedom that comes with writing. When the two seemingly incompatible subjects are combined, the result is something that is both liberating and creative, but also based in constructed, mathematical concepts."  Thanks, Hannah!

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