Monday, July 23, 2018

Poetry at BRIDGES 2018

The 2018 Brides Math-Arts Conference in Stockholm will take place this week -- July 25-29, 2018.  Mathematician Sarah Glaz has been a leader in stimulating the poetry portion of this conference -- including organization of a reading to be held on Saturday, July 28 and a Poetry Anthology, of which a portion of the cover is shown below.

Poetry Anthology
edited by Sarah Glaz, Tessellations Publishing

Here, from the anthology, is a sample of its finery -- a poem by mathematician, poet, and editor, Sarah Glaz:  

The First Negative      by Sarah Glaz

             In fact, there is no real reason why negative numbers should be introduced at all.  
             Nobody owned  –2 books.                   
  J.J. O’Connor & E.F. Robertson, An Overview of the History of Mathematics  

Down the funnel of history 
I search for you―the first man  
to cup in his hands 
minus one grain of fire: 

“Ghost of departed quantity!  
Mysterious absence! 
I am afraid 
I am cradling an illusion!” 

Yet from my vantage point  
I discern a sign 
upon the still uncharted number line  
where negatives 

began to light the way
for abstract algebra to come into existence  
several thousand years
in the future. 

     At her University of Connecticut website, math-poet Sarah Glaz offers links to lots of math-poetry and a host of other mathy connections.  Visit here and enjoy!!
     At the Bridges Math-Arts website, one may find an archive of papers and workshops presented at these conference -- and a search (perhaps using poetry)  -- can lead to lots and lots of stimulating words and ideas.

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