Monday, August 20, 2018

Celebrating Visual Poetry

     One of my delights in both poetry and mathematics is the multiplicity of meanings that come from careful attention to a particular text.  Today I have been revisiting the work of visual-poets Robert "Bob" Grumman (1941-2015) and  Karl Kempton and loving the surprises as I rediscover them.  Visual-mathematical poet Kazmier Maslanka in his blog, "Mathematical Poetry,"  generously features the work of many other poets beside his own -- and here (from this link) is one of Kempton's poems:
by Karl Kempton

This next poem, found in the anthology Strange Attractors:  Poems of Love and Mathematics is one of many "mathematical haiku" written and published by Grumman:
by Bob Grumman

The afore-mentioned anthology, Strange Attractors (edited by Sarah Glaz and me) also features this thought-provoking visual poem by Kaz Maslanka.

by Kaz Maslanka

      For a while (in 2012-13), Grumman wrote a math-poetry blog for Scientific American and here is a link to his final posting  --  although probably not the best or most visual of Grumman's posting, it offers, at the end, titles and links to all of his Scientific American writing.  Here, specifically, is a link to his presentation of visual poetry by Karl Kempton.
     This link leads to a list of  previous "visual" poetry" postings in this blog -- explore and enjoy!  And return soon to see what else we find . . .!

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