Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Math Limerick Stories

     Mathematics teacher Josephine Johansen is a talented teacher who works to help her students LOVE mathematics.  Below are two stanzas from her illustrated tale, "The Algebra of Tree Wisdom" --written in limerick stanzas: 

Pat says "Say you put on your ring 
Then your necklace to you I bring 
Whichever you choose
To do first, you'll not lose
You'll still be dressed for your fling."

Pete adds "On the other hand
Putting shoes and socks on as planned
        Is not commutative
       Won’t switching order give
An outcome that would be unplanned."  

     To obtain a copy of Johansen's illustrated limerick tales"The Algebra of Tree Wisdom" and  "Ice Fountain Riddle" contact her at rootsofuniti_at_gmail_dot_com.
     These next lines are the opening stanza of "Math Dust" -- a poem by Johansen sharing some attitudes about teaching mathematics -- and found in its entirety here.
          Math Dust

          Formula regurgitation 
          Explains why this nation
          Is mathematically deficient
          A child learns what they need
          To temporarily succeed
          Passing the test seems sufficient.            For the rest of this poem go here

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