Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Math-themed -- and seasonal -- Haiku

      Artist and computer scientist Stephen Luecking, now retired from teaching at DePaul University, has sent me some of his Haiku with mathematical imagery; enjoy!
fractals vein the leaves  
swirling in random descent  
autumn winds howling    

crystal hexagons  
drifting from darkening clouds  
earth sleeps in white gown  

five-fold symmetry  
links sand dollar and starfish  
spring tides harbor life  

photons hurtling  
ninety-three million miles  
warming summer days  

     Lots more Haiku with mathematical imagery are found in this recent article in the Journal of Humanistic Mathematics.  
     Several math-computer-art papers contributed by Stephen Luecking to Bridges Math-Art Conferences are available here (search using the author's name).  

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