Friday, January 4, 2019

A poem . . . like a mathematical proof . . .

     Mathematician-Poet Sarah Glaz has been active in bringing poetry events to the annual summer Math-Arts conference Bridges -- and she has given me permission to include this poem which appears in the Bridges 2018 Poetry Anthology and in her wonderful recent collection Ode to Numbers  (Antrim House, 2017)

      Like a Mathematical Proof     by Sarah Glaz

       A poem courses through me
       like a mathematical proof,
       arriving whole from nowhere,
       from a distant galaxy of thought.  
       It pours on paper
       faster than  my hand
       can write,
       stretches wings,
       twists and turns,
       strikes sparks as it forms.
       It is a creature
       of indescribable mystery
       like a mathematical proof--
       its passage
       fills me
       with inner peace.

For more from Ode to Numbers, follow this link.  An additional and much-fun place to visit is Glaz's University of Connecticut website -- where she offers not only mathy poems  but also links to art, fiction. humor, music (and others).  Thank you, Sarah Glaz, for this valuable resource.