Friday, February 15, 2019

Musical sounds of math words -- in a CENTO

  A cento is a literary work formed by assembling 
words or phrases from other writers.  

As a math-person, I love to hear the melodic rhythm of certain multi-syllabic mathematical terms.  And so I have looked at a list of dissertation-titles of twentieth century female mathematicians -- and I have chosen words from these titles that sounded lovely to me.  Here is my cento poem; read it ALOUD and enjoy the sounds.

"Celebrating Dissertations"     

 The math-women whose titles have been sampled here are:
Lida Barrett, Alexandra Bellow, Mary Cartwright, Fan Chung, Etta Falconer, Sarah Glaz,
Deborah Haimo, Grace Hopper, Gizem Karaali, Patricia  Kenschaft, Marie Litzinger,
Dorothy McCoy, Florence  MacWilliams, Katharine O'Brien, Vera Pless, Judith Robinson,
 Judith Roitman, Karen Uhlenbeck, Talitha Washington, Marie Wurster

Superalgebras, Variations, Irreducibility, Ideals,
Fundamental Properties, Hereditary Properties, Differential Properties,
Regular Curves and Regular Points, Interpolation, Zeros,
Random Series, Isotopy, Multicolors and Combinatorial Designs,
Radical, Integral, Required Corners, Generalized Powers,
Global Analysis, Mathematical Model, Group Theory,
Existential Theory, Order, Characteristic, Algebras, 
Arithmetic, Systems, Variables, Equations, Problems.

The full titles of the dissertations are available here.

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