Friday, May 17, 2019

Poetic roots -- square, cube, . . .

     In the 2008 film, "Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay, Kumar offers a poem, "Square Root of Three" -- a poem attributed to Dave Feinberg, and Feinberg has this to say about it:
          I wrote it during a high school biology class. A couple guys from my high school went on to write the Harold and Kumar movies, and they modified my poem for their movie. Originally, the poem began "I'm sure that I will never see a poem as lovely as root three," and it ended "when multiplied we stand up tall but when divided we will fall." I don't remember what else changed for the movie.
     In my email correspondence with Feinberg, he offered me a new poem to present here in my blog -- a sequel to the square root poem and a poem offered first here in his blog -- a poem about the CUBE root of three; enjoy:

       The Cube Root Of Three     by Dave Feinberg

       I take the cake, you must agree,
       for I'm a cube root of a three!
       There must be three of me to make
       a product you cannot mistake.   
       You think I'm one point four four two?
       Well I've got something more for you!
       Take half of that and multiply
       by minus one plus root three i.
       Did I say i? I can't be real.
       You can't imagine how I feel.
       You cannot see how it can be
       That three of me can make a three?
       Just FOIL me with me and then
       that conjugates with me again.
       Do you feel foolish next to me?
       Confused by my complexity?
       My formula you can derive
       in Precalc section six point five.

Thanks, Dave, for sharing your work!

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