Thursday, June 13, 2019

Solve a puzzle -- find a poem!

     At Canada's Capilano University, Lisa Lajeunesse teaches in mathematics in the School of STEM -- and is an enthusiastic promoter of links between mathematics and the arts.  At the 2018 Bridges Math-Arts Conference she presented this paper on "Poetry Puzzles"; a sample puzzle is offered below.
                              Place 2 or 4 or 1 or 3
                              in each cell that is free.
                              When you finish each number should show
                              once in each column and once in each row.
                                                  When you've filled in each cell --
                                                  all the numbers are there --
                                                  you can then read the poem
                                                  from your solved square.   

For example, the solved-square below translates into this small poem: 
                This is how
                    the poem reads
                    from the square.   
In July, at the 2019 Bridges Math-Arts Conference, Lajeunesse will continue to explore poetry puzzles -- both in a formal presentation and in Family Day events for puzzlers of all ages.  More about this LATER!

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