Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Math-poetry in The Mathematical Intelligencer

     In a recent e-mail, this message:  "The Mathematical Intelligencer. Vol. 42 No. 2 is now available online."  Most Intelligencer articles require a subscription or a fee-payment but one that is freely available to all of us is the poem, "Pandemic Math:  X and Y Axes" by Wisconsin painter and poet Robin Chapman.  Here are its opening lines:

          I'm thinking of those graphs we anxiously scan each day
          carry news of infection's spread, asking if we
          will find death stalking our neighborhoods . . .

Chapman's complete poem is available here.  

      Also in this current issue of the Intelligencer is an article by mathematician-poet Sarah Glaz entitled "Enheduanna:  Princess, Priestess, Poet, and Mathematician" -- Glaz article contains some of the ancient scholar's math-poetry -- and is available here.  And below I offer, from Glaz's article, several lines from Enheduanna's poem, "Temple Hymn 42."

From Eneheudanna's "Temple Hymn 42" (found here)

Still more math-poetry in the current Intelligencer is found in an article by Emily Grosholz and Edward Rothstein,  "Figures of Speech, Figures of Thought" -- which contains Grosholz' villanelle, "Holding Pattern" (also featured in a posting in this blog last October). 

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