Monday, October 26, 2020

Math Songs by Tom Lehrer -- Political, etc.

      All of the songs of musician and math-teacher and nonagenarian Tom Lehrer are now in the public domain (at this link).  His mathy item, "The Derivative Song," was included here in an early post in this blog.  Today I have particularly enjoyed his "Political Action Song" which begins with these words:

     Now when it comes to anything political,
     We're int'rested, we're militant, we're critical.
     Though it's not quite evident
     Who we represent,
     We take stands and issue statements by the score.
     Ev'ry candidate, we know,
     Though he won't admit it's so,
     Would give anything to be the one we're for, we're for,
     Would give anything to be the one we're for.     .  .  .    

 The complete lyrics for "Political Action Song" are available here.  This song was first performed in Washington, DC in March 1956 (during the Eisenhower administration) at a benefit for the American Cancer Society. 

    Below I have included the opening stanza of Lehrer's "New Math" and here is a link to an earlier post that suggests ways for using music to enrich STEM teaching.

Lehrer's complete "New Math" lyrics are available here.

 All of the songs of Tom Lehrer are available at this link.

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