Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Math Jokes and Other Mathy Applications

     Each week I get an email from Feedspot that tells me of mathy blog postings that I may have missed and may be interested in.  One of the reminders that I particularly enjoyed today was to visit the blog of Boston Mathematician Tanya Khovanova;  the actual blogsite is at this link: Tanya Khovanova 's Math BlogYesterday's posting involved some wordplay (math jokes); here are samples:

   I hate getting into debates about Möbius strips. They’re always one-sided.
        * * *
   4 out of 3 people have trouble with fractions.
        * * *
   Why was algebra so easy for the Romans? X was always 10.

When I visited Khovanova's blog, I searched for poetry -- one of my finds was a wedding poem composed by Gregory Adam Marton; here are its opening lines:

       In this summation, may there be no subtraction;
       May you multiply blissfully, and find no division;
       May the roots of the power of your love run deep;

 Marton's complete poem is available here.

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