Friday, February 17, 2023

More Math-Poetry from JHM

     Every six months a new issue of the open-access online publication, Journal of Humanistic Mathematics, becomes available.  And -- among lots of other inclusions -- it offers a rich variety of mathy poems.   Here is a link to the table of contents of the latest issue -- and I strongly suggest that you visit and explore.  Math-poetry items, listed at the bottom of the TC, are shown in the screen-shot below:

This link leads to pdfs of poems named above.

At the very bottom of the Table of Contents is a link to a fascinating article by Sarah Glaz and Mark Sanders entitled "Between Heaven and Earth!  A Poem-Collage Pair about Hypatia of Alexandria."

And here is a fascinating poem by Evandro il Cinico from the previous issue (v. 12, is.2) of JHM.

From v. 12, is.2 of JHM

You will find, as I have, that the Journal of Humanistic Mathematics is a wonderful resource.  And you may also discover my dilemma -- there is more stuff that I want to read than I have time for.  THANK YOU, editors Mark Huber and Gizem Karaali, for putting it together for us!

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