Monday, March 6, 2023

Celebrate Pi-Day

 3 . 1 4 1 5 9 2 6 5 3  .  .  . 

March 14  -- that is, Pi-Day -- will soon be here.  One of the ways of celebrating  π  is with dessert pastries (pies)  -- but a  π-day  greeting often takes on the challenge of a message in Pilish -- a language whose word-lengths follow the digits of  π -- a challenge that students often enjoy!   An example:

Hug a tree, I shout -- hungering to defend trees and  . . .

Here is a link to a list of previous blog posts featuring messages in Pilish.

In my lines below, the syllable-counts match the first six digits of   π  :

       I don't think
       can fit all of
       digits into my 
       finite and somewhat impatient mind  . . .

Here, at the NaturalMath website, is a wonderful array of Pi-day jokes.  
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  1. Happy Pi Day, everyone! Love the Pilish example above.

    Below is a Pilish Scrabblegram. A Scrabblegram uses each of the 100 tiles from a game of Scrabble exactly once. In the example below, the number of letters in each word (not in parentheses) are, in order, 3, 1, 4, 1, 5, etc. There's a link below that includes a picture to go with it. Enjoy!

    Now I know a ratio (use X/D):

    Periphery of circle (X) 
    above the level diameter (D).

    Justifies amazing equations. 

    Got no end, arguably.

    Blanks: E, X