Friday, May 12, 2023

Exploring the truth with a FIB

     Recently I have been reconnected with British-Israeli mathematician-educator, Yossi Elran  (whom I met at a conference in Banff several years ago).  Elran is well known for his puzzle-book, Lewis Carroll's Cats And Rats... And Other Puzzles With Interesting Tails (World Scientific, 2021).  He is in the process of writing a sequel to this book and it will include some math-poetry; probably some Fibs (poems  -- often with just 6 lines -- with syllable-counts per line that follow the Fibonacci numbers).   Elran's recent email query about Fibs helped me to remember that I had one waiting to be posted, a Fib about missed opportunities and status for women.  Here is is:

Exploring the truth with a FIB        by JoAnne Growney

     less known
     because of
     motherhood?--few want
     to pass on procreation, yet
     that choice limits so many things – not for the father, 
     for he may slip off to an office at children’s bedtimes for extra hours of thinking, 
     for writing those ideas that never come while bathing
     toddlers, or diapering.  Bright thoughts
     wait in still places
     for capture—
     or they

The syllable-counts for the lines above follow the Fibonacci Numbers: 


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