Thursday, July 20, 2023

Winning Math-Communication with Haiku

     Each spring at MoMath (The National Museum of Mathematics in New York City) a contest is held -- for the Stephen Strogatz Prize for Math Communication -- inviting entries in Art, Audio, Performance, Social media, Video, and Writing.  This year's deadline was April 28, 2023 and winners are posted at this link(Info about mathematician Stephen Strogatz is available here.)

     This year's winner in the Writing category was "An Exploration of Communicating Math Concepts Through Haiku" by Anaya Willabus  -- a selection from her runner-up entry is shown below and the complete creation by Willabus is available here.

Winning math communication by Anaya Willabus

Previous mentions in this blog of the Strogatz Prize may be found at this link.

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