Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Continuing Climate Concerns

     Split This Rock, an activist confederation of poets concerned with vital human issues, has directed attention to environmental concerns by publishing my "Mitigation of Toxins" as their poem of the week for this final week in October; please follow the link and enjoy this poem and others their archive offers.  ("Mitigation of Toxins" first appeared in Innisfree and also is included in my new collection, Red Has No Reason .)
     In continued support of climate concerns--which seem to me often to fit a square-poem format -- here is "Arctic," a 5x5 square by poet Linda Benninghoff, author of six chapbook collections. 

     Arctic     by Linda Benninghoff

     The polar bear lips
     the disappearing
     ice-floes, no longer
     strong enough to climb
     up their shining sides.

Previous blog postings with poems concerned with our human relationship to our natural environment include April 22, July 12, and October 7.     And here are two new environmental squares from me, both untitled and 6x6.

     The smallest of us must
     be smarter than the rest
     of them to stay alive.
     organisms know how
     to hide behind a light.

          *     *     *  
     Greed must go—and even
     enlightened self-interest
     must learn new vantage points.
     We, the people, are now
     world citizens; earth’s a
     fragile organism.

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