Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Long division is difficult . . .

Last Monday included a visit with old friends of whom I see too little, Silver Spring artist Mark Behme -- with whom I did some art-poetry collaboration a few years  back -- and Chevy Chase artist-writer-economist-activist, Kyi May Kaung.  After lunch at nearby Mandalay we three walked to Mark's studio and hung out for a while, admiring and talking about his new work.  When I arrived home, I dug out several poems developed from Mark's sculpture -- finding some pieces I'd not thought about for a while.  Here is one of these, a mathy poem that partners with Mark's "Split Tales."

          Which Girl Am I?      by JoAnne Growney

          The girl who’s not forced to divide
          into the good girl and the real one
          is a lucky one.  I was eleven
          when I felt a crack begin.
          In time I fully split — two minds
          took on two heads, two faces,
          two cuts of hair.  Mock feelings
          serve as well as true ones,
          I told myself — but buried parts
          still surface like cicadas in their year.

          Long division is difficult
          and plagued with remainders.

          A girl with two heads
          is like a bird with one wing.

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