Thursday, April 28, 2016

Talking-Writing offers Math Poems

     In recent weeks, the online journal Talking-Writing has been featuring math poems and last Monday they posted my "Skagway Study" -- which follows a style explored in one of my favorite poems by Wislawa Szymborska.
      Carol Dorf, poetry editor of Talking-Writing, is a math teacher as well as a poet and her work as well as those of others with math interest are explored in "Wild Equations," the Spring 2016 Issue of Talking-Writing.   Here are some links:

By Giavanna Munafo    "Twenty-Four Hours"
By JoAnne Growney    "Skagway Study" 
By Alice Major     "Euclid's Iron Hand" and "Bird Singularities"
By Amy Uyematsu   "Three Quick Studies of Math-Art"
By Carol Dorf   "Action Potential" and "e"
By Eveline Pye   "Celestial Navigation," "Three," and "The Law of Statistics"
By Larry Lesser    "Margins" 
By Katie Manning   "28, 065 Nights" and "Week by Week" (Fibonacci poem)
By Stephanie Strickland   "Doomed calculations which God acknowledged
                                                Islands (Invaginated by Saltwater
                                           Bays with a Stream and Another Both Flowing
                                              All Through Them along Enfolded Paths)" 

Earlier this week in an American Mathematical Society blog posting entitled "Math and Verbal Gymnastics," Duquesne University mathematician Anna Haensch also celebrated the join of mathematics and poetry.

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