Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A number tells the story -- in these Haiku

     One of my neighbors, Carol, has been cleaning out bookshelves and offered me her old copy of Gary Snyder's collection,  The Back Country (New Directions, 1971) -- and in it I have found four pages of "Hitch Haiku."  Three of these little poems each depend on a number -- and I offer them below.
     A truck went by
                    three hours ago:
     Smoke Creek desert

Over the Mindano Deep             
                                                  Scrap brass
                                                                 dumpt off the fantail
                                                  falling six miles

     Stray white mare
                    neck rope dangling
     forty miles from farms.


  1. It seems that I have decided to be "unpleasant" today... Sorry, I do not mean to!

    As opposed to the other 2, the middle haiku has a title, I think, Over the Mindanao Deep. I take the opportunity to add an haiku by GS I particularly like: Hiking in the Totsugawa Gorge

    a waterfall

    1. Thanks, Francisco, for your alert eye. As soon as I finish this reply to your comment I will correct my posting by adding the title.