Monday, August 22, 2016

Math-poetry connects with Carol Burnett

     When I began teaching mathematics my students compared me -- to my delight -- with Carol Burnett.  Recent thoughts of this amazing comedian have led me to Kevin Spacey's poem, "Carol" that he composed and read (imitating poet and actor Jimmy Stewart) to honor Burnett.  I share with Jimmy Stewart the hometown of Indiana, PA and I reconnected with memories of Carol Burnett this past weekend via NPR's "Wait Wait . . . Don't Tell Me."   Here is the text of Spacey's 14-line poem:

     Carol Burnett is a wonderful gal
     She always makes me laugh somehow
     All she has to do is put on that silly grin
     And I get this funny feeling all over my chin  
     Whether she's wearing a dress made of old drapes
     Or doing that Tarzan yell like some crazy apes
     The stewardess Nora Desmond, and the chairwoman, 
               that poor Mrs. Wiggins
     Why, these are just some of the characters for which 
               she's won all those ribbons

     Now I'm not usually a sentimental fellow
     But when she tugs at her ear, well, the tears that come, 
               they make my eyes all yellow
     But I've made a decision that I'm sure you'll agree is sublime
     Once I'm done with this stumbling, Stewart-like 
               ditty I've rhymed

     The drinks are on me all night at the bar
     Because Carol Burnett is still comedy's greatest star.

A conclusion of this posting:   Everything Connects!

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