Sunday, March 12, 2017

Again we celebrate Pi !

 Now I give  -- I again enumerate π's digits, count out . . . 
3.141592653 . . . 

Tuesday, March 14, is Pi-day -- and I invite you to browse or SEARCH this blog for references to π / Pi and to learn more about Pilish (a language in which, as above, word-lengths follow the pattern of the digits of π).  Here are a links to several of the postings available:

       Rhymes to help you remember the digits of Pi
       Poetry that imagines auctioning the digits of Pi
       A Circle poem in Pilish 

Poetry of π may be also found at these postings:  23 August 2010 (an "irrational sonnet" by Jacques Bens),  6 September 2010 (featuring work by Kate Bush,  Robert Morgan and Wislawa Szymborska),  15 March, 2011, (a poem by Lana Hechtman Ayers) 27 November 2011 (a poem by Brian McCabe) and 10 March 2013 (the opening lines of a poem "3.141592 . . ." by Peter Meinke).

Would you like to set a record for memorizing more digits of π than anyone else?  Check here for the Guinness World Record for this task.

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