Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Split this Rock, Freedom Plow Award, April 21

     SPLIT THIS ROCK is a wonderful activist poetry organization -- based near to me in Washington, DC -- with a name based on a line by Langston Hughes.*  As a strong supporter of their mission to use poetry for positive social change, I want to announce one of their very special programs:
Friday, April 21 | 6 pm |Arts Club of Washington, DC 
The 2017 Freedom Plow Award for Poetry and Activism
Read about this years finalists,
 Francisco Aragón, Andrea Assaf,  
JP Howard, and Christopher Soto (aka Loma)  
on Split This Rock's Website.  Tickets may be purchased here. ($25 General, $10 Students).  

In October, 2013, the Freedom Plow Award was won by Eliza Griswold   -- see this blog posting to learn a bit about her work with the poetry of Afghan women.

 *The name "Split This Rock" is pulled from a line in “Big Buddy,” a poem from Langston Hughes.
             Don’t you hear this hammer ring?
             I’m gonna split this rock
             And split it wide!
             When I split this rock,
             Stand by my side.

And for a tiny mathy poem by Langston Hughes, go here.

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