Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Speaking out for Immigrants, McNish

        British spoken-word poet Hollie McNish has shouted out in verse in support of  immigration.  Her poem, from which I include some lines below, is entitled "Mathematics" and a video of McNish performing the poem is available here at the poet's webpage.  Thanks, Hollie McNish, for making important noise on this important issue.

from   Mathematics     by Hollie McNish
            . . .
       I am sick of crappy mathematics
       Cos I love a bit of sums
       I spent three years into economics 
       And I geek out over calculus    
       And when I meet these paper claims
       That one of every new that came
       Takes away one's daily wage
       I desperately want to scream
       "Your maths is stuck in primary"
            . . .
       Cos sometime one which comes makes two
       And sometimes one can add three more
       and sometimes two times two is much much more
       Than 4
       And most times immigrants bring more
       Than minuses.

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