Thursday, May 25, 2017

A poem with 90 lines, 269 words . . .

     A poet whose work I enjoy is Charles Bernstein  (editor at the electronic poetry center,  a vast and wonderful site to visit and browse)-- and one of my neighbors recently surprised me with a link to a new-to-me Bernstein poem, "Thank You for Saying Thank You," that he had found (audio at  Below I offer an excerpt -- and a link to the text of the complete poem.  And, because I first misunderstood and thought that my neighbor had heard the poem on NPR, I went to and found this wonderful treasury of poems and commentary.  

Triumph of the imagination, counted word by word

23 lines from Bernstein's "Thank You . . ."

The complete printed poem is available here in Ron Silliman's blog and an audio version is available here at  Two of my earlier blog postings also include poems by Bernstein: go here for "Of Time and the Line" and here for "My/My/My."  

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