Thursday, November 16, 2017

Memorization and formulae

    A website I enjoy visiting is Ben Orlin's  At every mathy website I visit,  it is my habit to do a search for "poetry" (just as on a poetry site I search for "math"). At MathWithBadDrawings I found this poetry sample concerning whether it is important to memorize particular basics:

       Monday we memorize
       That way we know
       Tuesday through Friday
       We think and we Grow

And, accompanied by a drawing, here are the first two of five stanza for a poem about the quadratic formula:     

       When faced with equations quadratic,
       solutions are quite automatic.
       So strike up the band
       for this formula grand,
       whose widespread success is emphatic!

First, the quadratic must be
written so that we can see
ax², bx,
and constant c next—
where zero’s the sum of the three. 

For the final stanzas go to

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