Wednesday, June 6, 2018

A visual poem

     One of the delights of today's Internet is that it enables us to find friends with common interests all over the world.  An email message from Tope Salaudeen-Adegoke of Nigeria has introduced me to one of his visual poems:
               "Coding Colonisation" is a visual poem written and arranged
               in the computer programming indentation of HTML/CSS. 
               The poem fuses what seem to be mathematics and poetry together . . ."
I have included this poem below; for those who wish background information, some explanation is given in this linked essay.  Please take time to explore the meanings coded here.

      /*Coding Colonisation */       by Tope Saludeen-Adegoke

       #menu nativity {

        #menu migration cuba {

                            contact: yemayá;
                            color:#FFF; source:
                            relativity-language:distance(end-of-the-sun, yorùbá);

       #menu home coming {

                            worship-location:@ the feet of osun; return(easter,penitence);

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