Monday, June 18, 2018

Choose the right LINE

     Recently, looking through my copies of POETRY Magazine, in the September 2008 issue I found this quote (used as an epigraph) from a poet whose work I greatly admire, British poet Philip Larkin (1922-1985):

The whole point of drawing is choosing the right line.

Finding the Larkin quote led me to look back in my blog for poems that feature the concept of line  -- with its multiple meanings -- and I offer this link to search-results that offer a variety of choices for poems with line for you to explore.

And here are links to a couple of my own recent attempts to choose the right line:

    The online journal TalkingWriting has recently interviewed me
a portion of my poem, "My Dance is Mathematics,"  
that stars mathematician Emmy Noether.  
"They Say She Was Good -- for a Woman,"  features that same poem 
and some additional reflections on the struggles of women in mathematics.

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