Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Reflecting on Pi . . .

     A few months ago I got an email from Adaobi Chiemelu, a Nigerian poet and spoken word artist who studied studied mathematics at the University of Nigeria.  Recently Adaobi has sent me one of their poems -- about division and infinity and pi and . . . 

Dividing Together     by Adaobi Chiemelu

The cake was holy communion
You picked one piece not fatter than your two fingers
You smiled
You watched as the next person went on to do same 
          and put the same in their mouth
You thought of pi     

You thought of thinking about pi   
The 'pi' in 'pi'ece of cake or the freshly baked pie you hoped to have
It takes you 3.14159 ways to adequately circle your thoughts 
          on what pi is   

Pi is dividing together, fraction by fraction, piece by piece 
We all are alphas betting in our infinite numbers 
          when we pi together in this circle of life
And in the end, it's a piece of cake!

Thank you, Adaobi Chiemelu, for your mathy poem! 
And here is a link to some stanzas in Pilish.

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