Thursday, May 13, 2021

Mathematical Forms in Poetry . . .

      During recent days, one of my special enjoyments has been finding time to read Marian Christie's blog -- a delightful collection of poetry and poetic musings with frequent connections to mathematics.  Christie's biographical sketch (available here) indicates that she, like me, grew up enjoying both poetry and math.  She became a math teacher and, after her years of teaching ended, she turned her attention to poetry.  Below I present a sample of her mathy poetry, followed by links to several of her postings.

Today, in a season that is approaching summer, I coolly offer Christie's "Midwinter" poem (found here in her blog)  -- a stanza in which the poet uses Pascal's triangle to pattern her words:

a Pascal-triangle poem -- find it and lots of other mathy poems here.

Here, next, are links to several of Christie's math-poetry blog postings.  ENJOY!

     Mathematical Forms in Poetry 4  --  Permutations  

     Mathematical Forms in Poetry 3 -- Reflection Symmetry 

     Mathematical Forms in Poetry 2:  Square Poems 

     Mathematical Forms in Poetry 1:  The Fibonacci Poem 

And Christie's blog started here:   Beginnings | Marian Christie (

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