Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Colorado Math-Poetry Contest -- deadline 11-12-19

The American Mathematical Society is sponsoring  a  math-poetry contest  
 for middle school, high school, and undergraduate students in Colorado 
(deadline Nov. 12, 2019) with winning poems to be read January 18, 2020
at the Joint Mathematics Meetings at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver.
 Information about contest entry is available here.  

     Last year a similar contest was held in Maryland, with winning student-poems (see poster) read  Jan. 19, 2019 in Baltimore.  And now, for students in Colorado:
          your pen.
          Think of ways
          that math is magic.
          Shape your words into a poem!

The stanza above is a Fib -- with syllables per line counted by the first six Fibonacci numbers.

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