Thursday, September 19, 2019

Sing a Song of Mathematics . . .

     One of the long-term supporters of links between mathematics and the arts is Douglas Norton -- a mathematics professor at Villanova University and very active in the Special Interest Group of the MAA (SIGMAA)  that celebrates Mathematics and the Arts.  
     Doug Norton also is a song-writer and often has participated in music activities at the Bridges Math-Art Conferences.  Here is a sample of his math-art lyrics:

     Take A Chance On Me   by Doug Norton

     If you change your mind and want two combined,
     Don’t do Math alone:
     Join the Math Art zone.
     If you do Art, let me know, spread some Math around.
     If you’ve got no place to go with an upper bound,
     Math or Art alone feeling monotone?
     Do as we condone:
     Join the Math Art zone.  
     Gonna do our very best and it ain’t no lie;
     Gotta do as we suggest: try some e and pi.
     Take a chance and see
     Math and Artistry.

     Modular toroids and bisymmetric hendecahedra,
     Vibrating wallpaper, windmills and compound parallelohedra.
     You know we’ve got
     Cheesegraters and the Parthenon, projections with a gnomon:
     It’s magic!
     Anamorphosis and Möbius, integers that are mysterious:
     But by now you know
     It’s a dynamo!

     Ba ba ba ba baa, ba ba ba ba baa
     Don’t do Math alone:
     Ba ba ba ba baa ba baa, ba ba ba ba baa
     Don’t do STEM, do STEAM;
     Join the Math Art team!

     Take a chance and see …

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